Important announcement from the staff of Weimar Dancefloor

During the last couple of weeks we have received two notifications regarding copyright infringements. These claims were made by IFPI (The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) and resulted in a bundle of songs being taken down by the tumblr staff.

There will be no new tracks posted until we have sorted this situation out.

Weimar Dancefloor does not support illegal sharing, downloading or copying of music, nor do we participate in such activities. All our material is from our physical record collections, from sources we’ve received from bands and artists themselves, downloaded from legal sources (such as Soundcloud), etc. Weimar Dancefloor does not provide or share music with anyone, publicly nor privately. The few download links we have provided contain legally shared music by the artists or record companies themselves.

All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

We will try to contact the tumblr staff in order to sort this situation out. But, if we can’t find a solution to these DMCA claims, we will not continue our work with Weimar Dancefloor in its current form.

We started this blog in order to share good tunes with our fellow music geeks without sharing files illegally. It is a matter of utmost importance for us to respect both the artists and the immaterial rights and laws concerning sharing music online. Because of this, these claims and the mere thought of having to shut Weimar Dancefloor down are incredibly saddening to both of us. We will keep you informed about the situation, and we promise to work a solution out as quickly as we can.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

~ O. & neopatra

"Radiation" by Suicide

Radiation by Alan Vega and Martin Rev’s Suicide / Dream Baby Dream 7” / ZE Records / 1981 / USA

"Analyze Me" by Tricky

Analyze Me by Tricky / Angels With Dirty Faces / Island / 1998 / UK

"Tilt" by Scott Walker

Tilt by Scott Walker / Tilt / Fontana / 1995 / USA

"Ku Klux Klan" by Steel Pulse

Ku Klux Klan by Steel Pulse / Ku Klux Klan 12” / Island / 1978 / UK

"By This River" by Brian Eno

By This River by Brian Eno / Before and After Science / Polydor / 1977 / UK

In 1976, faced with a creative cul-de-sac, Brian Eno teamed up with Harmonia (Michael Rother, Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius) to create some of the world’s first and finest ambient electronica. While further collaboration between Rother and Eno while working with Bowie didn’t ever come to fruition, Eno and the two core members of Cluster would continue to work together on various albums and projects, and By This River is one of the highlights of their teamwork. ~O.

"Eläimellinen Rytmi" by Kupruileva Elefantti

Eläimellinen rytmi by Kupruileva elefantti / Eläimellinen rytmi 7” / Poko Rekords / 1982 / Finland

Kupruileva elefantti, the band briefly known for labelling their music as “eastern-border rock”, would’ve definitely been bound for greatness, had they released more than two seven-inch singles during their short career. If you don’t feel like dancing like the village idiot the second you hear the punky new wave boogie of Eläimellinen rytmi, you are, well, according to the song, merely human. But watch out, you human bastards, since inside of us all there’s a primal animal waiting to be awakened. And what better way to wake up the beast than with this fantastic song.

Oh, and here’s an interesting piece of Finnish rock trivia; this single was produced by no other than Ismo Alanko. This is important to know. ~O.

PS & More Trivia. The name Kupruileva elefantti is a reference to Moog Konttinen, a Finnish proto-punk pioneer, and his translated cover version of Effervescing Elephant, originally by Syd Barrett. ~ neopatra

"Standing on Wires" by Do Ré Mi

Standing on Wires by Do Ré Mi / Do Ré Mi / Green Records / 1982 / Australia

"Bring Me Coffee Or Tea" by CAN

Bring Me Coffee or Tea by CAN / Tago Mago / United Artists Records / 1971 / Germany

"Herra Mirandos" by Hector

Herra Mirandos by Hector / Herra Mirandos / Top Voice / 1973 / Finland